We work alongside NDIS providers and provide a framework to help people attain or maintain independent living. Cleaning is hard for all of us, let alone those struggling with mental or physical disabilities.

CleanAbilities is a specialist cleaning organisation that provides deep cleaning services specifically designed for the disability network. We partner with NDIS support co-ordinators to deliver specialist, heavy duty cleaning services in a timely and supportive manner.

“We provide the deep clean, making it easier and more achievable to people living with a disability to manage the everyday tasks of independent living.”

“I remember visiting my sister and it was a really struggle for me. She lives in a supported independent living environment. She always looked forward to my visits and was assisted by good carers and medical staff. But as time went on the shared facility became run down. There was no one to look after the deep cleaning and we noticed that dust & mould was building up causing a distinct odour that I found unpleasant. It was hard to see her in that environment.”

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We provide assessments and consultations and can tailor make
Partnerships for your NDIS facility.

We are all about collaborating with providers to ensure that the
maintenance of your facilities are of the highest standard.

By providing these services we offer you improved standards that
ensure the highest possible hygiene. With regular maintenance everyday
cleaning becomes easier.

We can assist by offering consultation to your staff and or contractors
including training and on-line education.

Clean Ability supports NDIS providers - offering quality high volume cleaning solutions to all facilities.