NDIS Cleaning services

Clean Abilities offers caring community partnerships for superior cleaning services to those companies and organisations that care for and provide long and short-term housing solutions for people living with a disability. Clean Abilities isn’t just about light cleaning – it is tailored to provide deep cleaning solutions.

Giving people and their families and carers dignity and peace of mind that their homes and facilities are clean and healthy environments.

There are currently 80,000 people living in community shared housing in Australia and whilst many of these facilities are well serviced for everyday cleaning naturally over time there is a need for a deep industrial style clean.

Giving dignity, support and quality cleaning solutions – to ensure that people living with a disability are offered the highest level of support and care.

Grime and odours build up from day to day use over time, and this requires more than a 1-2 hour elbow grease clean. Without a deep clean this can build up and become part of the accepted environment.

We work alongside housing and Supported Independent Living (SIL) providers – offering free audits and assessments. We tailor our services to suit your needs – whether this is a monthly, quarterly or yearly service.

Our state of the art equipment ensures the highest hygiene standards and all of our products are environmentally friendly.

Covid-19 Update

Under current NSW Health Orders cleaning services are considered an essential service.

Many of our Support Coordinators have already devised plans with us in how to approach their existing participants, whether it be:

  • A temporary halt with a “reset” clean to take place once the “stay at home mandate” has been lifted
  • Or ongoing services for those that require essential CleanAbilities visits.

We ask you to highly consider maintaining your cleaners where participants may, in the past, have struggled with Hoarding and Squalor. It may only take 1-2 weeks for conditions to revert if services are stopped.

Whilst not all cleaning is essential, we recognize that for some clients cleaning is not just cleaning. Please contact us on 1800 796 157 for information in relation to gaining access for CleanAbilities services.

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Meet Matt and Cam

Over 60,000 Australians live in community housing facilities and more than 4 million Australian’s are living with a disability. We have been working in the Cleaning industry for over 15 years, on the ground working in commercial, corporate and residential business.

Our Philosophy is to ensure that mental and physical well-being is enhanced by living in a clean and hygienic environment.

We offer services ensuring that our cleaning staff are experienced working with people living with a disability and NDIS participants feel happy having our staff visit them.

A clean welcoming abode provides the best space for people to build their confidence and connect freely with the community.

We all have the right to live in a clean environment where people living with a disability can welcome friends, carers, and family into their homes and take pride in their home environment. Our support team will work to ensure all Australians living with a disability have the opportunity to live in a clean and dignified environment.

"A clean, welcome abode provides the best space for people to build
their confidence and connect freely with the community”

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