Deep Cleaning Giveaway

As part of our ongoing commitment to giving back, we are thrilled to offer our

Deep Cleaning Giveaway program.

We understand that participants under the care of disability service providers often encounter financial limitations when it comes to accessing specialized services like deep cleaning.

With this program, we aim to alleviate this burden and provide a clean and comfortable living environment for individuals who may not have adequate funding from the NDIS.

We invite you to participate in this heartwarming initiative by nominating deserving participants under the care of your organisation.

If you know of an individual who could benefit from a thorough deep cleaning session but lack the necessary resources, we encourage you to put forth their name. This program not only offers practical assistance but also helps spread awareness about the challenges faced by this community.

How the Program Works


Disability service providers are invited to nominate participants who could benefit from a deep cleaning session but may not have the financial means to afford it.


One participant will be selected from the nominations to receive a complimentary deep cleaning for their living space.

Giving Back

We will feature the selected organisation and participant’s story (with their consent) on our social media platforms, showcasing our commitment to giving back to the community and creating awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities.

The Nomination Process

Please provide us with the name and contact details of the nominated participant in the below submission form. You will also be asked to include a┬ábrief description of the participant’s situation and why they would benefit from the deep cleaning.

Any additional information that you believe would help us to understand the participant’s needs better can be added at the end of the submission.